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Name: Caity
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Age: 17
Gender: N/A
Joined: 2006-10-26
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Language: english
Comments: I'm Caity, and I've been oekaki-ing for just a little while. I really like drawing humans, and I'm working on my animal anatomy, but the going is slow.

I really like music (specifically Tool, APC, and anything even touched by Maynard, They Might Be Giants, The Used, Sinatra, Don McLean, Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine, and all sorts of techno), my boy, Jonathan (<3), snowboarding (if I don't concuss myself... XD), finding random ironies in everyday life, and funky socks. I am a devout Chuck Palahniuk and George R. R. Martin fan.

I really don't like confrontation, heights, and brussels sprouts. I can't sleep if I know there's a spider or mosquito in my room; I have to kill it or take it outside first.

I always like and trust people first, and that status only changes if they prove themselves unlikeable or untrustworthy, which doesn't tend to happen very often.

Chances are very good that I like you.


James. He's my persona. *loves*

Adrian, or Ade. He's James' boyfriend. And my favorite.
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