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Name: YunChan
E-Mail: (please login)
Age: 25 (1993-07-19)
Gender: Female
Joined: 2006-11-12
Last Login: 2008-12-06 04:44:03
Picture Posts: 28
Comment Posts: 325
URL: The place that has NOTHING on it =DD
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Language: english
Comments: Lawlz, HI!

I finally got accepted =D Third time's the charm!
I like orange and purple. Alot =D
In my character designs, I try to use complementary colors.
Like Blue and orange.
Or Blue, green, and orange.

Or completely clashing colors.
Like purple and orange.

I've actually been on this oekaki for YEARS. Before SHipainter, before Sketcher, before you needed to tryout.

I think it's been like, four years. o__0

I love comments.
I will almost ALWAYS accept spam/not-spam trades.
I will consider most requests.
And I lvoe to draw =DD
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