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Name: Red
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Age: 14
Gender: Male
Joined: 2005-06-30
Last Login: 2007-08-09 02:13:19
Picture Posts: 190
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URL: I pwn you
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Language: english
Comments: Sup my home dowgs <3 Red here to give ya the 411 on my sexy ass.

occupation: blacksmith :D


<br> Youko and Suichi Kurama </br>

Claim's granted here, check the claim list in the news, -briked-
Well it waaaasss is the news, so there >P -cainsself-

Hey I gotta mark my turff, -fag'd-

I have two kids kays yo

Age 8
he's dog fox mix
his animal form colors are white and cream.

age 2
dog fox mix,
his animal form colors are pink and gold

anyways now that thats out of my system, I'm really pertty nice although a bit slow, MMMM monkeys... *cough* If you knew me you'd know that I talk to inatamate objects (well mostly yell at them) I'm seen acting strange but thats only cuse I secretly an uber genious who plans on taking over the world with the help of my noble gay steed cornilious Mc wafflkins......what were we talkn bout again ^-^;. I love to RP and stufs so just ask, oh and my neopets account is Conehed10


<br><b>OMG I WON SOMTHING</b></br>
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