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Name: Rai-Raiko-Raikozu(Sparkis
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Age: 23 (1995-04-10)
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Comments: Ladies and Gentleman, if you're reading this it means that your computer is infected by Yingsters mini-clones.Please beware of it and close this window immediately before the bug spreads out.
If you are infected with this virus already,please click this following link:

Anti Virus website

It's a trap!

Haha,it failed,didn't it?Obviously you won't fell for that...

I'll count how many OCs I have before I start anything dangerous...

OCs who have a story:
Main OCs:
-Rwengalh aka Rwen

other OCs:
Almond's story-Zimmer,Pacifiere,Wuiling,Rosesca,Daniphal,Crastor,Il.
Soya's story-
Rahyie's story-
Lohse's story-
Willembur,Hollow,Yudi,Lexta and 10 clones and etc.
Kirty's story-
Louki,Yullie,and everyone on Garon's arc.
Jimmy's series-

I can't count the whole lot of them.
Humans are such strange creatures.
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