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Name: Nika
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Age: 24 (1993-12-23)
Gender: Female
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Comments: Hey there, I'm Nika.
To sum me up quickly, I'm an optimistic, spiritual (note: not religious, spiritual, as in, I'm open to everything you can fathom), open-minded, and a colorful blend of all those happy and calm emotions. I can be incredibly sarcastic at times, and I apologize if I come off as rude, I can assure that I don't mean to. If I do mean to, then I'll let you know. I'm Russian, though I was born in America, and probably am not as culturally-literate (for America, that is) then for Russia. So I most likely won't know what you're talking about if, say, it's some realllly old American movie or something or other. So feel free to enlighten me. =]
Let's see...not much else.
Oh, right, I love to write as well as draw. I'm writing multiple novels at the moment, 3 trilogies and 1 4-book series. The trilogies take place in my invented world of Armeis, which has a dual layer and a giant atmosphere, so there is the ground/water level with mostly small islands, and the Skyland level, with pretty large floating hunks of fertile land.
As for the series, it's in a world rather like ours, but instead of going into the science area during the industrial revolution, the people and scholars delved deeper into the more unseen aspects of life, such as dreams. People were found that had more than one life, and could travel in their dreams. The one person that controlled dreams (not like, total control, as in, he kept the nightmares under control) was called the Dreamthief. When he first began to rid the Dreamraiders (the beastly creatures in Nightmares), people originally thought he was the one controlling the evil, hence the slightly negative connotation of his name. It turned out he wasn't, but the name stuck. There's more the story, but the series is called The Dreamthief's Apprentice, and the protagonist is a poor, unlucky boy by the name of Cale Paisley. I've already posted stuff on Deviantart, so go check it out!

Well, that's about it.

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