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Name: Kat E. Insane
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Age: 13
Gender: Female
Joined: 2005-07-03
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Comments: Yo what up homie G dawgs.
I am Kat.

A few of my characters you may need to know are:
Kat of course: Well, my persona. She is a shapeshifter, taking form of cats, coyotes, horses, and other people. Her normal form wears a Rainbow tanktop with a Invader ZIM hoodie, and Tripp pants. Whoo. Her animal forms have many unnatural neon colors.

Adrian: Awww cute lil adrian. He is a 21 year old little gay man. He dresses in woman attire, which suits his feminine figure very very well. Im talking skirts, thigh high striped socks, corsets tanktops all that jazz. His hair is long, and short in the back, and spiked up. It varies from jet black with purple, or green.

more comin soon. im lazy.
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2005-10-14 21:14:28

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