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Name: Call me Mistress Fu and y
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Age: 28 (1990-05-31)
Gender: Female
Joined: 2005-06-30
Last Login: 2007-12-08 20:40:05
Picture Posts: 101
Comment Posts: 999
URL: Meh Devi~silly!~!
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Language: english
Comments: Oekaki Member since 2002.
I'm a veteran.

I just have one thing to say. Mess with my friends and you will have me to deal with. I left this oekaki a long time ago because of the fact that some people didn't understand what it meant to give someone respect for their own opinions and childishness was all that I recieved in return for mine. But, Yuurei and I have returned and we shall not be pushed back again!

Care to be friends? I'd love to! ^0^ RP? Oh yush please! *hehe*
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