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Name: Giselle
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Age: 23 (1995-08-31)
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Comments: Okay first before i tell you anything about me, lets get one thing's CHESHIRE not chesire not chehire or ceshire.....alright...CHESHIRE C.H.E.S.H.I.R.E k??

okie dokes now that that's all straightened

Hey i am Cheshire Cat and i have been an artist since i was two years old...i generally work on traditional sketches so you won't see me draw here very often, but i do love drawing and i love SRON it's my passion...My weaknesses are chocolate, BBQ chips, tacos, cheeseburgers, extremely great art and cats....(lol) i am extremely random and hyper so don't be surprised if i post some non relavent picture lol although it says i've been here since 2006 my SRON history goes farther back than that....i have been on SRON since it first started....when the site was when spottedcow was splash and when you didnt have to trout to draw here....i say i do like it much better now so i don't live too much in the past....:)) if you want to draw one of my characters, they are right below this....also i gots a myspace so add me....more reffs are coming soon so don't think that's all...chow!

Leina Sofe (canine)

King (canine)

Spot (horse)

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