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[165166] Artist: Fungasm | Title: Tryout#2 | Time: 3h 17m
Pic #88685

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Fungasm Saturday, May 14th 2011, 10:19 PM
I got a bit lazy with the coloring... but I don't wanna work on this any more. ha.

boop boop boop.

I'm not too fond of being all painter-ly, but it seems like it would be good to for a tryout. Also dicks.


FP Sunday, May 15th 2011, 1:17 AM

Flozibe Sunday, May 15th 2011, 1:29 AM
YupYup get in here

adieu Sunday, May 15th 2011, 3:56 AM
definitely in

i need to finish this game

kez Sunday, May 15th 2011, 4:47 AM
dgljgljkgsd i love your icon so much
good luck! :)

Ailaik Sunday, May 15th 2011, 10:44 AM
gotta love Banjo Kazooie, but to be honest, I really don't think the shading is up to par...
since you have a really definite style of your own, I vote third, because I wanna see what you can really do.

~MagicalPyroDragon~ Sunday, May 15th 2011, 2:19 PM
I'm going to agree with Ailaik. You're still using darker/lighter versions of the base colours to do your shading, making it look kind of dull. You need to think more about what colour the light source is, if he's in a bluish cave then you should make the shading on the character bluish too to match up to the background, if you know what I mean. Don't be afraid to mix colours.

EDIT: I'm going to change my vote to out because it seems that you don't intend to grow and improve as an artist. Anime has absolutely nothing to do with my critique, the same rule applies with colour in all walks of art. If you're not willing to mix colours and combine warm and cool pallets to make your art more dynamic it can end up affecting the entire piece. Giving your self ass-pats on what a good job you've done whilst ignoring any improvements that could be made is not a sign of a "good" artist in terms of mentality in my opinion. It's immature to just flat-out ignore critique when it's something to be expected on tryouts and because of this I honestly don't think you're ready to join here yet.

Not to mention, just because you don't like a particular style of art doesn't mean you have a right to slag it off. Who's to say you can't spent time on anatomical structure AND shading? Laziness is not an excuse in tryouts, they're meant to be to the best of your ability to show off your talent.

(Edited on May 15, 2011, 6:45 pm)

Fungasm Sunday, May 15th 2011, 3:06 PM
@MPD: You're wrong. I shaded Banjo so that he would have more of a red-ish tone, but subtly. Which makes him stand out more from the BG. Rather than your suggestion to make him shade to blue. Yes it would fit with the cave's lighting a bit better, but it would look even more dull if everything was shaded to blue. Saturating all the colors does not instantly make the picture any better. Just look at all the horribly done 'dodge and burn' anime pictures over on DA. I understand where you're coming from and are just offering what you see would help, but saturating colors should only be used when necessary. Over using attention-grabbing colors ruins a picture.

Also, coloring is not my best aspect. Yet, I admit I am still in the learning process to paint better. I am a character animator. The first thing I leaned was to properly construct a character, and draw using organic and flowing shapes. Which is why Banjo here looks as good as he does. All his limbs are properly connected and he looks as if he's a full sturdy figure. I'm surprised no one took notice of that.

I'd rather have sloppy coloring and good construction, than have good coloring and poor construction with lopsided anime eyes.

Edit: I could also very easily retouch this picture and fix up my coloring, but as I stated, I got lazy when I colored it in the first place, and I'm not too interested in continuing a picture I'm already satisfied with.

Worm Sunday, May 15th 2011, 5:25 PM
Honestly if you're just going to tell everybody that they're wrong no matter what they critique, even if they're right and you fail to see it ( referring to the leg on the crocodile image ), what's the point in you trying out in the first place, seriously? The point of trying out is to get better, learn from the critique, but CLEARLY you are already the absolute best artist the world has ever seen.

I know you don't plan on editing the image but to make the warm and cool lights go together better, you could add a warmer glow on the back wall as if he was very near the cave's exit and it was morning / day time outside, that'd make the warmer shades a little more forgiveable.

(Edited on May 15, 2011, 5:25 pm)

Fungasm Sunday, May 15th 2011, 5:42 PM
Worm, though I disagreed about the leg, I'm well aware of how I drew it. I drew one leg, the croc's left, a bit longer, leaving the right to look a bit squashed. I have a tendency to "balance" out the weight of the pose. I drew the croc's right arm longer in that picture as well.

I'm fully aware of the proportions and posing of my characters. I stated on my last picture that it was wrong to criticize anatomy in a picture based on "style". Whether or not I think someone's criticism is right or wrong does not mean I don't take in and learn from what they say. Although I apologize on making the mistake of going straight out and saying "you're wrong" without putting "i think" in front of it. Which is where my intentions are.

My point in trying out here? To have fun and to have a place to draw in a fun community of similar quality artists. Any other reason would be silly.

Also he isn't near the cave exit. The room with the Ice Key is a dead end. You ever play Banjo-Kazooie? Ya should. I recommend it <:

sweet Sunday, May 15th 2011, 5:51 PM
i agree with worm, & pyro. i know you tried to attract attention to the character but this could've also been done by the design on of the cave, such as rocks and such that would direct our eyes to the character.

kind of like panel 4 of this comic page:

just because you don't like the style of anime, saturated colors, doesn't make it true that anime looks bad and saturated colors ruins a picture. that's just your opinion.


Kelli Sunday, May 15th 2011, 8:26 PM
out due to attitude. :/

fgsfdsdasdfffffff Sunday, May 15th 2011, 9:34 PM
out due to attitude too


fgsfdsdasdfffffff Sunday, May 15th 2011, 9:38 PM
this IS a nice picture but you keep writing PARAGRAPHS in retaliation to critique

Vincon Sunday, May 15th 2011, 9:50 PM

Fungasm Monday, May 16th 2011, 12:54 AM
voting down for attitude? really? well forget this place if there are people like that on the board. :c

All I wanted was a new oekaki to draw at and have fun on. I already knew a few people that draw here. I already apologized for stating "you're wrong" right away when I meant "I think you're wrong". I understand how that can come off as me having a bad attitude, but me saying that I don't agree with someone's opinion about my art instantly gives me an attitude? :c

And MPD: did I flat out ignore what you said? really? because I'm pretty sure I left you a full comment in response to it and stated that I still understood what you said. I just didn't want to apply it to my art because I didn't agree with you.

As for the anime thing, I have nothing against anime. Anime can be very well done, drawn, and animated. Most anime BGs are amazingly colored and well drawn. But unfortunately in a lot of anime the drawings are ufnortunately out of proportion and lopsided. I wasn't making a stab all too much at anime, but more of what's drawn of it on DA.

If I really need to, I'll make a third pic. :T

It's funny how I would have been voted in by now if I kept my damn mouth shut. lol

Owl Monday, May 16th 2011, 2:18 AM
Out, there's no need to retaliate against critique, just accept it and move on. I also am capable of animating and designing characters, I do it for a living.

However, that doesn't make you or anyone else immune to learning other aspects of art and design such as composition shading, lighting- the works.

kremmel Monday, May 16th 2011, 2:42 AM
i say third, i'd like you in here but I don't think it's great to retaliate to critique. I mean, I understand where you're coming from, but it's like... we always have room to grow. When you have a reason as to why everything is the way it is, and you excuse critique, you're transferring your perceived wrong in the eyes of others, to those others. I guess more simply put- your defenses are stunting your growth.

DARA Monday, May 16th 2011, 3:24 AM

Shadizilla Monday, May 16th 2011, 3:45 AM

CatInYourCloset Monday, May 16th 2011, 4:06 AM
I say IN. You don't need to retaliate to critique as an artist what-so-ever, but I'm not going to vote you out because of that. There have been too many people on here with attitudes to base my vote toward you for that reason.

I think you're very much intermediate, but if you want to get good feedback on here, you need to wise up and behave like an aspiring artist and take critique (whether you agree with it or not... Remember that critique toward your art may help someone else if it doesn't help you.) especially on a very pro-critique oekaki board.

Good luck! :D

causticbot Monday, May 16th 2011, 5:45 AM
um i think you can respond to critique...no one says you gotta take critique sitting down. not that you have to combat it, just create a meaningful discussions. -ramble ramble-

in because this is intermediate.

Rhyu Monday, May 16th 2011, 10:28 AM
As much as I must agree with the attitude thing, which does irk me, your current level of skill does meet standards so I will vote in.

That said, I must agree with others, they've brought up numerous valid points; you seem to have issues stepping back and objectively viewing your art as if it was another's. As has been mentioned, the shading is rather weak. Not for color choice or anything of that sort (though some more unity between subject and background would be nice- this doesn't require saturated colors either), but rather just in simple form. Its somewhat inconsistent, though generally follows the same angle, but the extent of the shading is most certainly variable. The shorts for example are mostly shadowed, while the rest of the picture only has corner shadows, but then his feet are fully lit again. This could have made sense if you had graduated the lighting, but the pants just seem out of place in terms of shading. However, your showing of form is the major issue. You have very minimal cast shadow only in those most obvious of places, and isn't always adequate even when done. The character is very flat and the angle of the lighting does nothing to enhance the picture. It doesn't detract, but it adds little to the atmosphere/mood/whatever. Also, you have no texture variance. Everything is colored the same way. Though I do like how you pulled off the ice wall in front of the key.

You also seem to keep falling back onto the claim that the subject is your strong suit and is where we should be focusing, however, even that has its flaws. For one, Banjo's torso, particularly the lower half, is much too long. He's bending forward, his crotch fold should be much higher. Speaking of the shorts, they're kinda oddly drawn as well. They go up really high in the back, but the belt doesn't follow, it looks like the belt loops are sewn on an angle. Likewise, there is no perspective on the belt, despite him leaning forward (we should be looking slightly top-down on the belt buckle from this angle, but we're looking straight on- it seems like you tried to do some perspective here but your lack of shading where needed to emphasize this overrides the form and makes it look like a frontal view). The backpack arm straps don't sit right on his shoulders. His eyes are positioned wrong (his right eye is on the side of his face while his left eye is on the front of his face- his left eye needs to be more to the right and put into a proper perspective, or made more obvious that they're intended to be drawn as free-floating cartoon eyes- right now they just look like they're loop-sided. Its not just anime people who do it apparently.

Regardless of wether you think I have valid points or not I'M seeing issues, and as such there are bound to be others, and its not just in your self-described "weak" areas. Some of my critiques may be personal opinion, you cannot please us all, others are obvious foundation issues. I agree that I prefer to see good form with poor rendering over fancy effects on top of junk, but good rendering and form blow both of those out of the water.

But whatever, take it or leave it, I've said my lot.

Fungasm Monday, May 16th 2011, 10:50 AM
Actually I don't think it's so much the eye, but the whole left side of his muzzle is a bit lowered. But I can see where I messed up. Thanks much for pointing that out actually. I do appreciate your comment, and It's probably the best and most helpful one I've gotten since I came here. I agree with ya for the most part. Cheers. <:

Ailaik Monday, May 16th 2011, 2:37 PM
Rhyu's spot on
although, I checked your DA, and you do know how to shade, so I'm kinda baffled why there are so many flaws in this one
oh well, we'll see how this'll turn out

Worm Monday, May 16th 2011, 3:22 PM
No, I'll admit, I've never played Banjo Kazooie except for once, my friend was in the middle of the game and let me take the wheel but considering I didn't know any of the controls and that's not a button-mashy type of game, I had no idea what I was doing rofl

May Tuesday, May 17th 2011, 4:32 AM

Minxy Tuesday, May 17th 2011, 10:01 AM

Fungasm Tuesday, May 17th 2011, 10:23 AM
all these ins and outs. OH YEAH GURL FEELS SO GOOD ROUND MAH D-

turtle. Tuesday, May 17th 2011, 6:59 PM
i'm going to have to go with a third tryout.
i would like to see your FULL effort in your next tryout. ;D
If you're not fond of being "painterly" then perhaps you should draw how you are most comfortable/most used to drawing. ;D

i loved your first tryout with all the colors.

[165072] Artist: Fungasm | Title: Tryout #1 | Time: 2h 36m
Pic #88591

[View Animation]

Fungasm Tuesday, May 3rd 2011, 10:15 PM
Hey beautiful, come here often?

KESS Tuesday, May 3rd 2011, 10:38 PM
D'AWWWW! i love this.
my only critique is that his legs look a little awkward...as though he is lacking knees..

Fungasm Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 1:22 AM
no, no, his legs are just short and straightened. Which might make it seem that way. It's the same thing if you were to look at Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's legs in his early disney shorts. <:

oiseau Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 3:12 AM
the expression is just the greatest thing ever asjfs

Rhyu Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 9:25 AM
I have to agree with KESS actually, his left leg is fine, but I think the issues they were seeing has to do with the perspective on his right leg. The knee is pointed a bit at us but the foot is in profile in such a way it looks very uncomfortable/broken.

That said this is all kinds of fun and awesome.

LIFDOFF Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 11:25 AM
Well hey there <:3c

Ailaik Thursday, May 5th 2011, 1:32 PM
there isn't much to criticize on anatomy here, since it's all very stylized
but I love the espression and goofyness
also I keep looking at your avatar :P
welcome, and I'm looking forward to your second :)

Robot Thursday, May 5th 2011, 10:27 PM
oh hey!
i recognize you from dA
dig this tryout, good luck with the next!

Fungasm Friday, May 6th 2011, 12:17 AM
Thanks much everyone <:

Also Ailaik, you're wrong about there being nothing to criticize on the anatomy because of "style." There is not much to criticize because for the most part, everything is correct. the only thing I can point out that is wrong are the arm lengths and the fact that the first bump on his back should be more to the viewer's left. <:

Criticizing anatomy has nothing to do with an artist's style, but rather the construction in which the character is built, and perspective it's drawn from.

~MagicalPyroDragon~ Friday, May 6th 2011, 1:01 AM
your icon scares meeeee xDDD

and I love this, your style is very distinct. The only thing I would have to crit you on is to make your shading more dynamic, the colours are kind of boring/flat looking becuase you're using tones of the same colour, try experimenting and mixing pallets to make your shading look more engaging.

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