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[166002] Artist: RakuHund | Title: pinkie | Time: 15m 38s
Pic #89521

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 4:06 PM

Mara Thursday, July 7th 2011, 10:01 AM
I love the colors *o*
I kinda wish I was black just so I could have an awesome pink fro like hers
I'd look stupid if I got one now though lol

[165365] Artist: RakuHund | Title: zoom zoom zoom | Time: 44m 15s
Pic #88884

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Thursday, June 2nd 2011, 4:22 PM
fuck you internet. I didn't need another addiction before exams
fff urggg didn't see the leaky colours sorry TIME FOR BED

[165119] Artist: RakuHund | Title: supah cool | Time: 20m 24s
Pic #88638

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Sunday, May 8th 2011, 4:09 PM
wanted to see what happened if I drew while watching the Minaj doing her thing.

there is actaully massive product placement through the entire video but it's such a nerdy product I don't think anyones spotted it :

[164891] Artist: RakuHund | Title: who what when where why | Time: 33m 43s
Pic #88410

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Sunday, April 17th 2011, 1:23 AM

KESS Sunday, April 17th 2011, 4:46 AM
aw his expressions sweet xD

terujoan Sunday, April 17th 2011, 1:28 PM
Geronimooo! x3 Very cute drawing of him!

[164750] Artist: RakuHund | Title: plop | Time: 29m 56s
Pic #88269

Chibi Paint
RakuHund Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:31 PM

cheeto Saturday, April 2nd 2011, 1:14 AM
i always like the colors you use in your pictures

[164050] Artist: RakuHund | Title: patriachal society | Time: 36m 15s
Pic #87569

Chibi Paint
RakuHund Friday, February 11th 2011, 6:33 AM
slapping on some colourz on old lineart before I ride to the park with a nerf gun and chillax with a friend

yr 12 is pretty mad

[164407] Artist: RakuHund | Title: ragin' | Time: 1h 23m
Pic #87926

RakuHund Friday, February 4th 2011, 12:07 PM
rant ahead, but your opinions on the matter would be appreciated
Deviantart: I've been part of it for pretty much all my artistic life
Do I really like drawing dogs n' such that much? Or did I just do it because my favourite inspirations on dA were? I've come to the point where I know what I enjoy drawing, but I don't like the fact/have no idea what the fuck I want to really draw, or could be drawing if I having been swimming in a cesspool of dogs with human hair and stuff I liked when I was 14. But sadly it's one of those cesspools that tastes good and you keep going back for more.
The only certainty that's come of me raging this over again and again is not much good will come of hanging around dA.
I don't want to be still on Deviantart when I'm 20, that scares the shit of out me to just think about it. I want to make amazing things
that are amazing
but I don't know what I want to draw is what I want
or is just a byproduct of a website

I do remember this certain moment when I was 14, when I just thought, and literally resigned myself to having no imagination and decided I'd just draw other peoples characters. Guess I'm paying for being a lazy arse now
because I know I have potential, and I want to create beautiful things that inspire people

apoligies for the rant, but interested in what you guys think - as nobody IRL can really relate to internet art sites and artsy teenage angst

she was supposed to be infront of chinese laturns but that shit went pear shaped yo'

tl;dr = nobody cares and I'll sort my brain out eventually

Gyarados Friday, February 4th 2011, 2:34 PM
hah, this is the same for anime. the same styles, ALL over dA. and when i think animal art, i think neopet art. it's just... really common nowadays, being unique is really getting harder these days.

antigone Friday, February 4th 2011, 4:23 PM
It's really impossible to have a unique style or unique art. With well over 6 billion people in the world, I can guarantee that tons out there will have the exact same style no matter what you try. So when it comes to art = If it makes you happy, just do it. It shouldn't matter if it's online or in real life because art is art.

deadmoki Friday, February 4th 2011, 7:01 PM
There are some great artists on DA, but as it's not a professional site they're certainly outnumbered. If you think it's having a negative effect on your art, why don't you take a break from it for a while (like a week, two weeks, a month...) and work on your art independently? Or take your art somewhere else you can get feedback?

Alternatively/also, you could try to find artists you find more inspiring on DA to watch, or look into other sites with artists that draw different material, or find some artbooks that inspire you.

I've been considering leaving DA, because I'm not really fond of the site itself/how some of the features work, but I haven't come across an alternative that I like, either.

emi Friday, February 4th 2011, 9:16 PM
there are some fucking amazing under-appreciated artists on DA you just have to look harder and further than the front page. personally i think DA did have a negative affect on how i began seeing art when i was younger but i've lost alot of interest in it since then and i will say i have improved. you can get caught up in trying to be popular and appeal to the masses on DA. i think both oekaki and tumblr have had surprisingly good affects on me and my art (in my opinion haha). and although i'm not a member of the pixiv community i browse it and the sheer talent and inspiration you can find there is amazing.

this is not helpful at all sorry

Rhyu Friday, February 4th 2011, 10:59 PM
Personally, I don't really have anything against dA as a community. I did draw a lot of canine type things early own (and then even more dragons and still do) but I wouldn't attribute that to dA. I've always hated drawing people and liked drawing animals (even back around grade 4-i didn't find dA until i was around 12) and so dA did provide some "inspiration" but it never really influenced what I drew. Truthfully, neopets is what got me drawing "seriously" and I don't feel there is anything wrong with that. It was a prompt and it was my choice where i went with it after that. I got a lot of inspiration out of neopets in the early days from the species and artists that dwelled there.

As for dA, there is nothing wrong with being on there when you're 20. There are plenty of older artists as well as VERY skilled members on there. There is obviously more 13 year old oddly drawn sparkledog/animu/tlk shit but you need not pay attention to all that. Stronger artists do tend to congregate and that is where you should focus- if you decide to stay with the site. I've long since stopped "reverse watching" or "gratitude faving" when people drop by (not because i'm popular-I've been on there some 7+ years and still haven't broken 15K pageviews) but because its just pointless, I only fav or watch when I REALLY like something/someone which makes dA, for me, a means to follow very inspirational artists. Its fun looking through their favorites because they often choose equally amazing pictures, you just need to know where to look.

rhodopsin Saturday, February 5th 2011, 12:48 AM
For me dA has actually been pretty great in finding new artists (there are a lot of very talented people), you just have to look hard and look past what you personally like drawing, becuase that opens up a lot of avenues. Go to your local library and pick up an art book, you can find a lot of inspiring things. Also it's nice to just look at non-art things for inspiration sometimes becuase you can get caught up in trying to emulate something or someone (even if its subconscious) and really looking at stuff that has no obvious ties to art is refreshing.

Lynn Sunday, February 6th 2011, 7:54 AM
This is why I like to think of drawing as a hobby. When I was like 12 I wanted to be a *~*~graphic designer**~*~* till I realized that.. I didnt.
I don't have the motivation to do that.. but I love my old characters and I love drawing. Who cares what you draw.. sparkledogs or whatever. Most everyone here started out that way haha. As long as you have fun, I think it's all good.
Sorry this was a useless comment. >.<

[164135] Artist: RakuHund | Title: Euthanize your cat | Time: 28m 41s
Pic #87654

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Saturday, January 8th 2011, 12:31 PM
I keep noticing other artists do this: cover the whole picture with a shading layer (as in set on multiply or whatever) then erase it to get the light back in. I'd never even considered doing this before, is it a better way to shade or something?

Gyarados Saturday, January 8th 2011, 1:00 PM
i don't know it kind of depends on the person??? since diff people have diff ways.

Takio Lamary Saturday, January 8th 2011, 4:19 PM
I personally wouldn't do that because
it makes the shading really monotonous
instead of varying from place to place as it
would normally do. But whatever works for you.

Kelli Saturday, January 8th 2011, 8:36 PM
I do it that way when I'm lazy XD
or cell shading...

Rhyu Saturday, January 8th 2011, 9:09 PM
I'm with Takio, it sort of limits what you can do with colors and might not work well over all colors on a subject and having to make multiple colored area to erase is not a whole lot easier than just shading normally. You'd have to go back again to add stronger light too unless you're working with a very dark overlay as well. There is also the issue where it doesn't change in saturation as well, though most people don't do that anyway unless they're really quite focused and know what they're doing.

That said, I suppose it could work for quick pictures and giving a bit of shape, as in here.

[164097] Artist: RakuHund | Title: femm | Time: 30m 41s
Pic #87616

Chibi Paint
RakuHund Wednesday, January 5th 2011, 2:13 AM

Rhyu Wednesday, January 5th 2011, 2:28 AM
this is really cool actually, makes me think of a rex cat, the ears are really nice

Kelli Wednesday, January 5th 2011, 5:49 AM
I really like thiss <3
The colors and shape of the face is nicely done!

RakuHund Wednesday, January 5th 2011, 6:24 AM
based on a photo of the neighbours cat while it was spazzing out in out frontyard, not sure what type it is, and thankyou
looking back on it I should've gone more vivid colours though :|

[164049] Artist: RakuHund | Title: beegees | Time: 34m 3s
Pic #87568

Chibi Paint
RakuHund Saturday, December 25th 2010, 3:06 AM
xmas shingding isn't till tonight so I get doodling time
inspired by all kremmel recent neopets. Haven't been on neo since my account got frozon yonks ago but whenever I get stuck on assigments they always end up all over the page

neo got gay anyway
nickolodeon gay

jigsaw811 = 1st oc = total badly designed babe

cheeto Saturday, December 25th 2010, 3:25 AM
ahhh not that i don't think you'll get in, but normally you're supposed to wait 24 hours/until your 2nd tryout hits the second page before the votes are tallied and you can really consider yourself accepted

RakuHund Saturday, December 25th 2010, 3:29 AM
now that I've publically shamed myself thanks for the heads up haha

kremmel Saturday, December 25th 2010, 4:58 AM
flattered i inspired you! neo sucks but i like to draw my neopets when i'm bored

cheeto Saturday, December 25th 2010, 5:18 AM
haha don't worry about it, not that big a deal considering you're only getting in votes

[164039] Artist: RakuHund | Title: Tryout the second | Time: 5h 28m
Pic #87558

Chibi Paint

RakuHund Friday, December 24th 2010, 10:05 PM
first off: MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GOOD THINGS YOU I could've kept going with this but I know I'll ruin it more
and hey
it's christmas

1st tryout: http://sroekaki.net/oekaki/index.php?pageno=1&sort=7&a_match=RakuHund

there's a serious animals-can't-balance-on-surfboards-like-that issue here, but then again there are a lot of issues I can see myself but would've messed it up more if I hadn't stopped. THEREFORE
lighting,background,every single thing critique is very very welcome

Takio Lamary Friday, December 24th 2010, 10:22 PM
I say In, for the following reasons:

-You have a fairly well understanding
of shadows, and lighting.
-Basic grasp of animal (mainly
quadrupedal creatures) anatomy.
-You've put in a fair amount of effort into
your tryouts, and it shows.
-You've actually commented quite a bit here,
so I've noticed, for someone who's not a
member yet, so you obviously will bring some
life back into this place.
-Lastly, I can see that you have the capability
for improvements (from your last tryout).

So, In. c:

Ailaik Friday, December 24th 2010, 10:52 PM
^what he said

cheeto Saturday, December 25th 2010, 12:59 AM
in, i think your art is really cute and i like the colors in both this piece and your first tryout

RakuHund Saturday, December 25th 2010, 1:32 AM
ahhh thankyou guys c:> oekakis confused the crap out of me and I'm glad I'm finally giving them a go. Out of interest, does anyone know how many artists used to come here in it's prime? S-R derserves mo' love than this

cheeto Saturday, December 25th 2010, 1:55 AM
when i first came here in july of 05 there would be like 65 people on at once, no lie. it was so crazy, you could barely keep up with all the art being posted. i really miss that

Kelli Saturday, December 25th 2010, 2:11 AM
In :)

Yea, back in the day both oekakis (normal and advance) would always have at least have 25 or so people on :)

zoole Saturday, December 25th 2010, 2:29 AM
I like the water :)

I remember seeing 45 people online regularly a few years back.

Robot Saturday, December 25th 2010, 3:38 AM

Zero~ Saturday, December 25th 2010, 4:04 AM
i miss the activity too :<

kremmel Saturday, December 25th 2010, 4:58 AM

adieu Saturday, December 25th 2010, 6:24 AM
i agree with takio
get in here!

Lynn Saturday, December 25th 2010, 5:06 PM
also misses that.. everyone growed up

resonance Monday, January 3rd 2011, 8:16 PM
I would like to say that I really adore the colors you chose here. :>

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