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[166842] Artist: kinu | Title: Tryout 2 | Time: 1h 37m
Pic #90361


kinu Thursday, December 15th 2011, 2:14 AM
My hand hurts after this one. xD

I really hope it's all right. xP

For redlining, this is based on a shih tzu/chinese lion.

(Edited on December 15, 2011, 2:09 am)

imbreum Thursday, December 15th 2011, 6:15 AM
i think one of the main problems with this one is that, unlike your first tryout, you don't get a feeling of three-dimensionality. It feels very flat, no sense of foreground, middle ground, and background at all. I feel like the foreground was a flat drawing pasted on the flat background. my other issue is the messiness of your coloring, without much variation in tones. i think you should practice with your shading, using the blackest of blacks for the darkest areas. don't be afraid to go too dark. also don't necessarily use a darker shade of a color to be the shadow. Experiment with colors and the way they bounce off each other. i also think you should play around with the tools a little bit more and then try again. so for now i'm going to vote out.

kinu Monday, December 19th 2011, 11:03 PM
Seeing as no one else has anything to say, I'll be back in a couple months. Thanks for the pointers! :)

[166839] Artist: kinu | Title: Tryout 1 | Time: 1h 12m
Pic #90358


kinu Wednesday, December 14th 2011, 6:02 AM
My first tryout. o-o I hope it's all right! -crosses fingers- x3

Dogmatic Wednesday, December 14th 2011, 9:45 AM
The white highlights seem a little sloppy in some spots (on the legs, mostly), but I really like your choice in lighting here. I'm interested to see what you do for your next tryout.

imbreum Thursday, December 15th 2011, 1:05 AM
i agree with everything dogmatic said
i actually think the image would be more interesting if you didn't have the sun in the picture. like if the lighting remained the same, but you couldn't see the sun. and i love the vibrancy of your colors.
i also think your anatomy could use some tweaking, but i'm not good with animal anatomy, so i'll leave the redlining to someone else.
good luck on your next tryout!

kinu Thursday, December 15th 2011, 1:47 AM
I do think that removing the sun would make this stronger. Thanks!

If anyone would like to redline this, I based this off of a whippet.

(Edited on December 15, 2011, 1:51 am)

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