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[164270] Artist: inu | Title: No Title | Time: 5h 25m
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inu Thursday, January 20th 2011, 12:05 AM
oh deer, it's my first tryout. go ahead and rip it to pieces.

Laq Thursday, January 20th 2011, 2:05 AM
I really freaking love this so much.

antigone Thursday, January 20th 2011, 2:20 PM
I don't really know anything about satyr anatomy, but I'm pretty sure that her arm that's pointing up can't be like that unless her shoulder's dislocated. :c

But I like the painterly feel to it and it's pretty.

inu Friday, January 21st 2011, 2:10 AM
oh, here's the reference pic.

antigone Friday, January 21st 2011, 3:21 AM
Wow, I so didn't know people do that. Sorry.

sheepsgobaaa Friday, January 21st 2011, 6:18 AM
Olalla this is quite nice~
I like the yellow mixture with green in the bg :>

-----mini critique-----
Idk why this stuck out to me but in comparison the ref pic it looks like the boobs are a little bit too pushed up against the chest. Unless it's a very small bra/outfit boobs should have a little gravitational pull to them.
------OTL sorry for a retarded critique ------

Good luck on your next tryout! > v < )/ <333

inu Friday, January 21st 2011, 3:02 PM
i see what you mean. the boobs look kind of squished up. in the picture, the ballerina is very skinny, and i imagined the faun to have more of a rack lol. thank you for the critique!

oiseau Saturday, January 22nd 2011, 5:08 AM
inuuu hello~ it's Emy o u o
I already told you this is sooo pretty! good luck~

P.S. I enjoy your deer pun

inu Sunday, January 23rd 2011, 4:23 AM
emy! 8D
ty ty

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