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[165201] Artist: Yerblues000 | Title: Try Out #1 | Time: 2h 36m
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Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 3:53 AM
Hello folks! It's a pleasure to meet you all- I'm Blues and I would like the honour to draw on here with you pretty neat folks.

I have an unusual colouring style and a unique way to blend colours. I hope you all enjoy it!

Skull Kid is one of the characters I love ever so dearly! I hope with this image you'll understand why!

Worm Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:02 AM
I love your scratchy coloring style! However, in this particular image it feels like detail is only focused on the face and maybe the hat, but the farther you go away, the less you felt like coloring, and in the backround it was just a hurry to call the thing finished. Try for a little more consistancy in the next tryout and you're a sure thing, definately.

Also, I'd like to see a more interactive backround in the next tryout; in this one he's just floating in space, essentially. ..Maybe even literally, considering its the moon, hehe!

Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:03 AM
Thanks! I'm glad for some input. I think what I was trying to do was focus more attention on the mask- but I do see how you can draw that I was starting to get a little lazy around finishing time. Thank you for your time and the thoughtful comment!

mewstara Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:11 AM
Awesomeness, I love how much the mask stands out!

Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:14 AM
Thank you! I really love drawing his mask- and it really makes the picture pop out! ;D

Kelli Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:15 AM
I really like the style, but the white leak through kind of distracts me that's coming up from the back. Maybe lay out blocks of color before you start the coloring/shading proses? It will help make the figure stand out a bit better, as I had to look at this for a little bit to figure out what I was looking at. ^^; Interesting though, can't wait to see more!

Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:20 AM
Thank you! That is a very good suggestion- I probably should start doing that- It might make it look a lot cleaner. Thank you! I can't wait to do more!

Kelli Thursday, May 19th 2011, 4:34 AM
Glad to help! ^_^

Worm Thursday, May 19th 2011, 5:13 AM
Kelli worded better what I was attempting to say, haha. The white leak is what makes it look rushed to me -- its a little bit on his legs and clothes and a whole lot on the backround.

Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 5:17 AM
XD It's alright dude- I'll fix it next time. I think Kelli's solution might help me a lot actually.

Insecurity Thursday, May 19th 2011, 7:07 AM
Oooh, how different. I rather like the white leaks. It makes this piece unique to the other tryouts I've come across.

Good luck to you!

Dogmatic Thursday, May 19th 2011, 7:15 AM
I love your attitude towards critique, it's really refreshing. I agree with the above comments, particularly about laying down blocks of color before starting to color. but overall I love your style, it really stands out!

rhaz_crossbones Thursday, May 19th 2011, 6:12 PM
i love skull kid *__* ee this is great

Yerblues000 Thursday, May 19th 2011, 7:39 PM
Thank you all! I appreciate the thoughtful remarks. It makes me more eager to draw my next piece. ;D I'll take your advice and see what comes up.

leopold Thursday, May 19th 2011, 11:37 PM
i like your icon = w =
this is neat!

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