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[164734] Artist: Tydreih | Title: Tryout #1 | Time: 6h 2m
Pic #88253

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Tydreih Wednesday, March 30th 2011, 12:25 AM
Hi! I'm new here, so this is my first tryout. ^^

The timer is off by about 2 hours, I worked on and off on this all evening.

oiseau Wednesday, March 30th 2011, 4:48 AM
I love the colors you used. and the pretty starry sky~
good luck with your tryouts! (:

cheeto Wednesday, March 30th 2011, 10:03 PM
i agree with oiseau, i love the colors you've used here! i also really appreciate that you followed all the tryout rules; that's a big plus.

i know very little about animal anatomy, but to me, this looks pretty good. hopefully if there's something anatomy-wise that needs to be addressed, another member can help you with it, but overall i think you're doing pretty well in that area.

the background is very nice, though it looks as if you've just used lighter and darker shades of the same purple. for more visual interest, try using more varying colors; for instance adding a bit of dark blue into parts of the sky, or some dark green-blue in the grass. the grass could use a bit more texture as well; right now it looks as if the character is standing on very short purple carpet. keep in mind that if the animal is sitting in the grass, its feet, hind legs, and tail are going to be covered up even just a little bit by the tiny grass blades.

your light source seems consistent, which is good! the problems lie in the colors you've chosen for the shading, as well as the overall lighting of the piece. it's always better to avoid using simply darker shades of your base color to shade your character; it leaves the character looking dull and flat. instead, choose shading colors that correspond with the background; in this case, purple would be a great color to shade with.

when choosing base colors for your character, you also need to keep the background in mind. your character is colored and shaded as if it were sitting in broad daylight; however, the background shows that it's night time. a really easy way to make it look like the character is a part of the night-time scene is to darken all the colors with a multiply layer. you'd probably use purple for this, too, just to make the character coordinate with the background better.

finally, i urge you to avoid using the dodge tool to highlight. it isn't a very realistic effect, and unless it's used in just the right way it ends up looking really plasticy, which is something you want to avoid especially when coloring something like fur and feathers.

overall though, the things i've pointed out are pretty minor suggestions. you're doing really well here! for your next tryout, i'd love to see you draw a character at a different angle; we need to make sure that you can draw more than just sideviews. in any case, good luck! i'm sure that if you put as much effort into your next tryout as you did this one, and you keep some of the things i've mentioned in mind, you'll get in just fine.

Tydreih Wednesday, March 30th 2011, 10:38 PM
Thanks for all the constructive crits! They're really helpful, I'll keep them in mind =)

cheeto Wednesday, March 30th 2011, 10:45 PM
you're welcome! i'm glad to help (:

Zero~ Sunday, April 3rd 2011, 1:48 AM
i'm awful bad at crits but the head is too large for the body! As well, the eye seems to placed in the middle of the head but you have to remember that canines are forward-looking animals (unlike horses, whose sight is actually limited to the sides hahaha).

Also for the wings, I think you should try and use a reference for those. If you were going for a cartoonish-style, then I'm super sorry :(

I hope those things I listed don't sound rude ;n;
Every time I give crits i just sound so sarcastic fndgnfnng. I would redline for you but i have noooo idea where my tablet went.

Oh and finally, I REALLY LOVE THAT SKY. I just really like those colours ahah ;A;

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