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[19232] Artist: Shadowssj2 | Title: Fluffy | Time: 3h 51m
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Shadowssj2 Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 5:17 PM
DONE! @@;
Belated birthday picture for chika. I'm going to add more to the bg later and fix the teeth. But right now my dad's on the way home so I have to go.

EDIT: OHSHEETITGOTARCHIVED @0@!?!! *loves on whoever did that* omg my life is now complete <3

(Edited on December 22, 2005, 7:26 pm)

Turtle_sama Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 5:19 PM
Wow this is sweeeeeet Shadow!!xDD Beautiful shading!^__^ Just plain gorgeous!!=3

Pocky Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 5:22 PM
This looks absolutely gorgeous! @w@ Great job with the perspective of the wing, and I love the highlights and eyes~ :'D <33

auquilava Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 5:24 PM

Holy Cow. o0o This is amazing! The shading is the SHIZNIT amd those wings are..AWESOME. 8O Very nice job!

miisheru Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 5:36 PM
woah, amazing, love the shading and lineart. *.*

spottedcow Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 6:45 PM
*jabs at with a candycane* YouMUSTdrawmyfursonasometime

58 Wednesday, December 21st 2005, 4:02 PM

KomiiSoSo Friday, August 18th 2006, 5:33 PM
I have...always loved this...

Piru Tuesday, August 21st 2007, 6:46 PM
Shiny and cute! I love that character. c:

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