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[163851] Artist: Naff | Title: Tryout 1 | Time: 6h 13m
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Naff Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 10:10 PM
Hello. I'm Naff and I smell good sometimes.

also, i beg you to not mind the shading or lining on the bottom part (a dirt road) 'cause something happened with my layers and ther's no way I could have possibly fixed it better than that :/ My layers seem to have merged e_e" I can also not color/shade the belt buckle/eyes/nose or fix minor errors since everytime i try retouching it gets worse 8D happy times.

I had forgotten shi does that sometimes.

Oh well, if it can save this, i finished it in photoshop jsut to show you guys what it could have potentially looked like http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq323/Naff-Naff/tigerfix-1.png

edit : Also woah timer 8A8 didn't take that long.

(Edited on December 2, 2010, 10:37 pm)

fgsfdsdasdfffffff Friday, December 3rd 2010, 2:59 AM
whoa i aint never seen this combination or type of creatyre before

jessoso Friday, December 3rd 2010, 5:45 AM
i'm a little confused about the subject matter. it's a taur but....with a tiger head? and human body and tiger body? i'm not exactly sure.. what i'm looking at...

Sepia Friday, December 3rd 2010, 6:00 AM
I really like the character ^^ and the tryout in general. It seems you know the tools well as well as light and shadow. I would suggest using more references for the face and human body. I would also like to see a different perspective rather than eye level/straight on. Other than that I'm really enjoying this. The subject matter is completely up to you!

Lynn Friday, December 3rd 2010, 6:31 AM
Agreed, the subject matter is up to you, as rules go this doesnt seem to be breakin any.

i like the swirly scary treas and the puffy cloud.. this is a pree basic background so perhaps something with a little more goin on?
sorry thats not a very good crit ._. more should come along!

Naff Friday, December 3rd 2010, 6:58 AM
haha as you can see if you click on my profile i had started another tryout but realised only too late that it would be better to go full body. I'll make sure to draw a human with perspective for the next tryout then c: I was going for a more stylized anatomy (pointy elbow go) but i guess it failed =n=

thanks for the crits :)

and Jessoso : i'm not exactly sure what you don,t understand 8D you seem to know exactly what you,re looking at as you described it so well 8D

jessoso Friday, December 3rd 2010, 7:22 AM
only asking since i am honestly very confused. not saying you can't draw whatever this is, only stating that i don't know what i'm looking at so i wasn't going to jump the gun and critique.

i think what confused me most is the color choices you chose for the skin of the human part and the underbelly of the tiger part. they're very similar if not exactly the same, as well as shaded with the same tent of color. at first glance, i thought this was an anthro-taur, you know, anthro top and animal body, but i guess i was right on my second assumption. so i'd say for your next tryout to avoid confusion like this with your choices of color.

a few more nit picks. i think the hand is too close to the edge of the canvas and the tail is cut out very painfully. just a few compositional things to think about next time.

you don't have to draw a human for your next tryout. from the looks of this, i'd say your stronger point is animals. we're perfectly ok if you want to draw animals as your tryouts, too. and perspective isn't required. if you want to do another piece with the same perspective we won't reject you because of it

Naff Friday, December 3rd 2010, 7:37 AM
i'd actually love to draw human for my next tryout, it's not because i don't show them on my dA that i can't draw them :p besides, i think showing versatility in drawing subject can be a good thing when doing tryouts.

I see what you mean with the skin tone, it was actually lighter but i changed it because it looked sicklish, i'm still dabling around with color scheme and such, so thank you c:

jessoso Friday, December 3rd 2010, 7:40 AM
alright alright that's fine too!! a lot of people seem to think sron doesn't accept animal based tryouts anymore and idk where people got this idea. just making sure we're clear you can draw animals if you want, too.

Sepia Saturday, December 4th 2010, 7:40 AM
you're looking at exactly what you said you were....
"it's a taur but....with a tiger head? and human body and tiger body?"

or an easier way of explaining it... Anthro Taur... with a human torso.

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