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[53409] Artist: Kohii | Title: The Big Bang | Time: 5h 54m
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Kohii Monday, October 9th 2006, 8:50 PM
And there was us.

(Edited by zoole)
Safety archiiiiive. :3

(Edited on November 20, 2006, 11:47 pm)

Kohii Monday, October 9th 2006, 9:06 PM
nobody has a crit? ;.; or even a little comment? XD;;;;;;

whatever, i'll... do my homework. o.o;;

tikkyisrad Monday, October 9th 2006, 9:28 PM
No comments???!!!

Awesome job! I CANNOT wait to see this finished!

Bladersora Monday, October 9th 2006, 11:23 PM
WOW. <333333333

zoole Tuesday, October 10th 2006, 12:30 AM
If you're having drawing-upsidedown issues, try flipping the image - click on copy a few times, the one you're looking for is the one with the rounded corner. Select all of it, and the picture will flip - easier to see anatomy errors now. :D

Your lineart is always so smooth and gorgeous... @@ <33333

moonflower Monday, December 3rd 2007, 9:11 PM
I love it. I like how they're chasing each others tails. It has a sort of... Oh what would you call it.... Well it's great. I love it. smiley

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