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[166687] Artist: Froggy | Title: Tryout 1 :> | Time: 26h 16m
Pic #90206

Chibi Paint

Froggy Sunday, March 25th 2012, 3:25 PM
hrdgrgdtvhgkudjcuyfctybn oh boy. It's finished. Finally ; A ; I actually lost this twice when it was nearly finished, then had to merge everything and finish it that way.
This reminds me of air freshener ads now <: D

I know I made many many many mistakes, but constructive crit would be nice :>

It seems so inactive around here right now :O

sweet Sunday, March 25th 2012, 4:39 PM
hahno really this is awesome ! :D very beautiful! I'm already so excited to see your next. I also appreciate all the work you put into your tryout!whoawow

I'd write a longer critque but I'm on my phone xD anyway.
I'm pretty dissapointed with the pose, with such an interesting and flowy enviromentit would've been interesting to see her interract with it in some way, and flow into it. Perhaps lyingon the rocks and interracting w/ the water /dog? also try to put in body launguage! it'll tell a better story in your picture.

good luck! :D

Ailaik Sunday, March 25th 2012, 7:59 PM
Just like sweet said..
Amazing colours and style, slightly boring pose.
Still, I love this so much. can't wait to see your next tryout.
Good luck!

Zero~ Sunday, March 25th 2012, 8:38 PM

t-rexcellent Tuesday, March 27th 2012, 5:36 AM
i don't think the pose is boring at all, and i think she is interacting with the background (unless standing in water does not count as interacting with it?) a pose does not have to be dynamic and convey movement to be interesting.

Froggy Tuesday, March 27th 2012, 11:14 AM
Thank you for all of the comments and opinions :>

I was originally going to draw her holding/catching a star, but after all the trouble the picture gave me I didn't have the energy to draw it. I'm not very practiced with more dynamic poses, though. I need to work on that @ v @

Rhyu Saturday, March 31st 2012, 11:22 AM
This is quite pretty, I especially like the background, those rocks and the tree are very nice.

My biggest issues with this picture lie in that its very busy and overal contrast levels.

The stars are a cool concept and I like that they are interacting with the picture but there are so many of them with all that trailing that I find them to something of a nuisance. I'm trying to look at the background or the girl and all these lines are in my way.

Contrast wise, I'd really like to see the values pushed a bit more +/or balanced better. The rocks for example are very grey and I'd love to see a bit more dark going on. I imagine this wouldn't be so pronounced if it wasn't for the dog having nice value variation and making him really stand out against everything else in the picture. He's quite dark and is in the middle of a light area. I tend to look at him and ignore the girl. Speaking of the girl, it'd really help her to have a bit more contrast, especially since she seems to be a focal point (or at least desired to be) and because she's close to the viewer (where contrast aught to be the greatest). Her hair seems especially washed out. Conversley, the bark of the tree in the back has a lot of contrast between its lights and darks making it abnormally refined and clear both in terms of its depth in the picture and compaired to the picture as a whole.

This is definately a pretty picture though and easily worthy of this place in my opinion.

Prince Abooboo Sunday, April 8th 2012, 6:11 AM
I'm going to have to agree with Trex. The pose doesn't seem boring, it seems appropriate. Good luck, I'm really blown away by your art. It's bitchin'.

KaiKai Tuesday, April 10th 2012, 12:52 AM
I think you'll make it, no problem. I think this is beautiful. only thing is, I'd love to see her arms and legs more. Other than that, I'd leave it as is. Good luck!!!! <3

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