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[165913] Artist: Avery | Title: Tryout #2 | Time: 4h 55m
Pic #89432

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Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 3:38 PM
God, I'm so slow when I draw x_x

This is my second tryout. I tried to absorb as much criticism as possible from my first try.

I've never been good at drawing Mew :(

Heav Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 4:25 PM
I'm not a member, so I can't crit..
But I love this! <3
Mewtwo has always been one of my favorites. When I was really little, my sister made fun of me for having a 'crush' on him gdfgfgdfg.
Good luck! ^^

Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 4:44 PM
Thank you very much! I like Mewtwo alot too. His Swedish voice is very nice ^-^

Worm Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 6:50 PM
I'm voting third borderline out. This one's much better than your first but I'm still not thinking its intermediate level.

If you do end up getting a third, try and draw a picture where the characters are actually interracting with the backround rather than floating in a space OF the backround.

Its hard to critique anatomy on monsters and fictional characters as well unless they're heavily based on a certain animal ( like houndour, girafarig and the like would be easy to do ) but Mewtwo isn't really.. I want to say the angle of the arm is off but admittedly I can't really tell what's off. I just feel like something is. x)

I like the lighting effects on Mewtwo a whole lot but if lightning is the only light source, the lights are VERY VERY LIGHT and the darks are VERY VERY DARK. With Mewtwo it looks awesome but with mew, it looks like the light source is somewhere in between the two but there's nothing to signify that.

~MagicalPyroDragon~ Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 6:53 PM
Out, sorry :[ I can tell you really tried but I don't think you're quite ready for this oekaki board yet.

emi Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 6:57 PM
i really like this

Sambo Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 7:08 PM
I'm gonna say out. I think you just need to work harder on being able to add "proper" anatomy to even fictional creatures a little bit more, and be more decisive on your coloring style.
Instead of solid shading or soft, this looks like a none-too-pleasing in-between.
I think with a few months of hard practice you'll definitely make it!

Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 7:26 PM
Alright. I guess that is an out. Thank you very much for your time and critique though. I will practise and maybe apply again sometime in the future :)

sweet Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 9:30 PM
acutally the voting isn't final until the picture is bumped off the page haha.

i'm not exactly sure what's going on here? D: if anything i'd think mew is following mewtwo. but the stormy clouds and glow around their bodies makes me want to think their fighting. Try being more clear about what they are doing. What kind of body language could show that their fighting?


The shading on the mewtwo is nice, but on mew the same shading is not used. if the light source were in between them, then mews back should be heavily shaded, if behind mew, then it's front side should be, as you did with mewtwo. Right now, it appears Mew is the light source. (sorry if this is confusing, haha just ask if this confuses you.) Try knowing where your lightsource is when you start to sketch, so that your not making it up as you color(?)

The storm, the lighting should be casting light on the clouds.


see how the lightning is casting light on the clouds? Remember to use references while doing something your not very familiar with, or even all the time when your doing a piece like this. Also, the lightning should be much more complex.

For practicing, i'd just reccomend experimenting A LOT! Trying draw in a style that's not familiar to you at all, or one that you don't really like. You'd be suprised how much you can learn from this :P or just looking at other styles. ofcourse it doesn't have to be styles, what about coloring&shading techniques, or different linearts?

lamb Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 11:24 PM

jillian Wednesday, June 29th 2011, 8:38 AM
I dont know if anyone touched on this, but lineart can also bring a lot to your picture, since mewtwo is significantly closer to the camera, you could have used thicker lines on him and thinner lines on mew, its just one other tool to help you distinguish near from far, and to give a little more depth to your image!

Avery Wednesday, June 29th 2011, 10:33 AM
I actually did use thinner lines on mew at first, but they didn't look very clean so I edited them x_X

Thank you all for the constructive criticism!

[165896] Artist: Avery | Title: Applejack | Time: 4h 27m
Pic #89415


Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 1:05 AM

I am new here. This is my interpretation of Hasbro's Applejack saying hello to you guys :]

lemon Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 12:59 AM
Is this your first tryout?

Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 1:05 AM
Yes it is. :o

lemon Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 1:10 AM
Alright, just make sure to make it clear on your second one :3

This is very cute and has spunk- but I feel like the shading and color choice could use work. There doesn't appear to be a clear light source. The colors are also very dull and desaturated; it really washes the image out.

A more environmental BG next time would probably be for the best.

Good luck!

Avery Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 1:11 AM
Alright, thank you very much ^^ I'll work harder next time.

Takio Lamary Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 1:27 AM
I disagree with the "de-saturated" part since I'm a big fan of muted palettes and this is no-where near that, but the light-source certainly needs more definition. Also the Right arm (her right) appears a little off, esp. the upper humerus part, like on her upper side of the back part, it sort of dips.

sweet Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 3:39 AM
my biggest crit would be that be your shading, and how you just added a dark color on top of eachother. try experimenting with shades for a more greater look, this will show a more established enviroment and feel of your picture.

he face is also not very proportional, her ear is too close to her eye. even by feeling the distance between your eye and ear you can tell the distance is too close.


her clothes, there no folds in them at all. I can tell the dress is very tight on her but even so it would show some amount of folds. Same with her vest.

http://s9.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/B98E6CB6.jpg (not exactly like it, but you get the idea :P)

i also feel that her hair is not realistic at all, it appears very solid. this is because you never really defined all the strands in her hair, and it's all very together.


try using the shades you used, but use lines to show individual strands. This can also be done with your lineart too (:

Fungasm Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 3:44 AM
You drew the jaw and nose at a profile view angle, and other parts of her face at a 3/4th view angle. etc. The arms seem a bit broken, as takio pointed out. I agree about the colors being fine. They aren't dull or desaturated. I think what lemon meant was the contrast is dull. Meaning the shading doesn't shade to a dark enough color in certain areas where it needs to be.

I would love to see you work a bit more on the angles and construction. As well as deeper shading and maybe a background by your next try out. Keep up the good work and keep at it <:

imbreum Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 6:09 AM
i'd like to add that tryouts should be full body

and this is very cute! apple print! I bought an apple print shirt today...

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