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[102873] Artist: AiCue | Title: Tryout #1: The Hole in the Sky! Emerald City | Time: 21h 41m
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AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:08 PM
For starters, that timer is REALLY wrong. I left it on all night so....

Yea. The reason why the dragon is so squished is because I thought we could do landscapes for tryouts ):

Also, a question about tryouts. How many do we actually need? I see people doing 3 tryouts, but the rules say you only need to do two...

Warning: Alot of Green. Alot of Dodge use ):

Edit: Merry Late Christmas/ Late Happy New Years Present Pirate. Yup

Levol Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:10 PM
This is simply gorgeous. I love the dragon's design, and great texture on the membrane too.
I especially adore the city there in the bg, this is just...amazing. xD;
You only have to do 2. ;)

Archive! Archive!

Eckles Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:10 PM
i love you.

archive. ):&lt;

Rawrf Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:10 PM

Wow. This is amazing.

Um, you only have to do two tryouts, but sometimes when people are unsure of your abilities, they'll ask for a third tryout.

I don't think you have to worry about that though...at all.

Becca Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:10 PM
i like this and i think it should be archived.
this is basically super amazing, and the detail is like, substancial(SP?!) Like really, I don't usually vote archive on alot of things, but this really is amazing. : )

ill be :| if it doesnt get archived.

GAahhh so amaze :)

Wolfcrysta Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:12 PM
Stunning work. The whole composition is wonderful.

I don't think I need to give you my wishes of luck ;)

I agree with the others on an archive.

Draak Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:12 PM
You only have to do two, but sometimes people vote for a third tryout if they need to see more of the person's ability.

....oh wow
this is gorgeous &lt;3333

You did great with the dodge tool; I have to say it again:
this is gorgeous

Good luck with your second tryout!

I'm with Becca and Eckles on the archive. (:

...and I remember seeing that bunny you made on SSO. c:

Irene Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:13 PM
how many times did I have to tell you that this was the best picture ever :(

Kia Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:13 PM
Wow. This is very nice! Lovely, glowing shading and green! Green is great!
To your question, sometimes we feel that a person is really too close to tell if they are in or out so we ask them to do a third tryout, so it's not half and half. With you, I don't think you'll be needing to do that. This looks very promising!

Good luck on your next tryout!

-Edit- Now you don't even need to worry about another tryout! Archive = automatic in! Congratulations!

(Edited on January 26, 2008, 7:20 pm)

AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:17 PM
Oh :3 So it's optional?

-feels stupid- Archived? Like saved?

C: You mean the dodge use isn't burning your eyes off??? *happy*

Emerald Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:18 PM
I honestly thought archive when I first saw this as well. I'd really love to see that.

And no way, Archived means it's such an outstanding picture that it's forever kept on the oekaki and it's recognized as an amazing picture. Like..go up to the top of the page where it says "View" and look at the archives. n.n

This is so beautiful. @3@;

Becca Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:19 PM
archived as in your amazing and this should be saved for all eternity!

Dogmatic Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:19 PM
Archived. I asked some admins and they agreed.
Also, this means that you don't have to do anymore try outs. You're automatically accepted if you get an archive.

Rawrf Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:19 PM
The third tryout is only for people who the other members are skeptical about their skills. It's not optional. Lol.

Archived means put in the place where all of the awesomely detailed pictures go. The best of the best. :3

Aisu_chan Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:20 PM
AiCue: Getting an archive is very specialful. =O It means it is at/above the rank of a passing advanced 'kaki tryout. &lt;3

Good luck. =O Not that you'll even need it. &lt;3

Emerald Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:21 PM
Dang that was fast. XDD
Congratulations on the well deserved archive! Welcome to SRON! n.n

Aisu_chan Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:21 PM
In other words, you're freaking awesome. &lt;3

Irene Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:21 PM



AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:22 PM
......Already? Wow that was quick...

Thankyou! ;A;

Irene: Yea...I'm still trying to stomach that fact o-o

(Edited on January 26, 2008, 7:23 pm)

Aisu_chan Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:23 PM
Yes, I love you already. :(

Irene Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:24 PM
I told you but you and bessie kept saying negative things :(

zoole Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:24 PM
You usually only have to do three if you've not done a picture showing the full body for at least one of your tryouts...so basically if you've read the rules you should be alright? ^^' In any case, getting your first tryout archived is a pretty good indication that you're up to standards. 8D; But if you're going to do a second one, make it full body? (or no body, if you're going to do a landscape?)

You're allowed to do landscapes for tryouts, as long as that's what you'll be drawing most of the time

You did a great job with the detailing...I like how you can see that the horns (?) are a different texture from the scales and whatnot. Fantastic use of green! I also like that suttle streak of aqua-ish blue in the top right corner. Very well done! ^^

Nicole_Hedgie Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:28 PM
I love that colour combination &lt;3 The city like things? They are absolut beautiful&lt;3

Your colouring style is aweshum ^0^ i defintly want to see moar from you &lt;3 Welcome on the board

Derpup Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:34 PM
woww this is beautifull. ;3; wow you could actually be advanced. xD; (in the advanced oekaki)
i love the shading...and i just love all the green...ness. c:

Khalivea Saturday, January 26th 2008, 7:57 PM
holy mother of all things holy &gt;8(
may i steal your talent

AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:02 PM
Khalivea: I already got someone with dibs on my talent xD; Help me steal it back? *chases after Irene*

Irene Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:07 PM

Masked Potato Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:10 PM
this is amazing
and i could just like stare at it for the next hour
and i just might have to

AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:15 PM
Stare at it for too long...aren't you afraid your retina is gonna burn? ):

Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:50 PM
Well... Welcome to SRON *A* (If you get an archive, you don't need to do a second one)
And this really, really deserved one &lt;33

*joins Masked Potato and stares*

stalinplaysgoalie Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:54 PM
I rarely agree with archives. Very VERY rarely.
This one, I agree with. I love the restriction of greens-only, the soft lense flare, the lightening of the sky near the skyline, hsdfkjladsa
Crap, you'd best keep doing pieces like this every now and again, this is bloody amazing.

Zero~ Saturday, January 26th 2008, 9:22 PM
This wins. Congrats on the archive and welcome to SRON &lt;3 I can't wait to see more of your art!

Courtney Saturday, January 26th 2008, 9:38 PM
ohh this is beautiful :&gt; glad to have you here.

Nightfire Saturday, January 26th 2008, 9:45 PM
Oh my god, ABSOLUTELY archive worthy!
I fully agree with it.

SO beautiful! ;; And this is a great example of how dodge should be used. A lot of people say to never use it because it always screws up the picture, but you've obviously proved them wrong! Fantastic. :)

AiCue Saturday, January 26th 2008, 9:54 PM
Nightfire: And THATS why I put up a warning xD To be honest I thought it would screw up the picture too because I really used alot. It ended up slowing down the applet instead (laglaglag -shot-)

Magicalpyrodragon Saturday, January 26th 2008, 9:59 PM
Welcome to the Oekakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Oh my god this is just woooooooooow

Do you have a DeviantArt account so I can stalk watch you? @w@

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