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Monday, August 27th 2007, 9:12 PM
Finished '-'
The timer lies probably by a few hours, but still: It -took- forever.

I'm actually somewhat happy about this. Besides the fact that the pose is boring and the casted shadows/lights didn't came out like I wished them to...
I sure will never ever do my part for an ordinary trade in this size again.

Crits and comments are very welcome &lt;3

Ranagan Monday, August 27th 2007, 9:11 PM
wow, that coloring is really, really neat. :D Fits well with the thick-ish lineart, too...It kind of reminds me of the spraypaint tool on ms paint. awesome job~!

Dragonlights Monday, August 27th 2007, 9:15 PM
your detail.and anatomy.and everything. this wins. PLUS the markings are sooo pretty! One thing do, Would the top of the tail be as poofy as the bottom of it?

Wolfcrysta Monday, August 27th 2007, 9:18 PM
Mm love the pixely details and the slight glow of that green sign(is it?) &lt;3

*never wanted to animate either* XB

Acrylic Monday, August 27th 2007, 9:49 PM
;A; I LOVE THIS &lt;3

noir_bleu Monday, August 27th 2007, 10:01 PM
This is a nice picture, I like your use of texture, it brings the piece together.

That's so great that you know what you want to do! A website that you might really enjoy is conceptart.org.

Also, there is a thread on their forums by a video game concept artist about how to approach the field of concept art.

A book you may want to read is 'Japanese Comickers' (it has a few tutorials and works by video game concept artists -the guy that did the Soul Calibur II illustrations).

Another thing that my be useful is checking out a few college websites that have an Illustration major. (scad.edu/ I think MICA and Ringling have that major, but I am not positive.)

Excuse me for the long comment, but I thought it may be helpful (I wanted to do concept art until I realized I would be just as happy being a painter).

Sheikaya Monday, August 27th 2007, 10:06 PM
That is some lovely detailng ya' got there. &lt;333

And...I'm with you on the whole Animating thing. I'm considering a career in Storyboard Artistry.

Ookami Monday, August 27th 2007, 10:11 PM
This's lovely~ The amount of detail in the background is pretty impressive o_o I always lose interest once I get to the BG xD

One thing about character design though, is my comicking teacher at SCAD (I went there for summer camp) said it's an incredibly competitive field-- really only the best of the best get the jobs, and you have to constantly be able to spout out new and unique designs.

I always liked illustration though-- animation gets too repetitive (I tried it at SCAD-- it took me 3 days to illustrate a 3 second short of a stick figure and a dog). But illustration you usually don't have to redraw the same character/scene TOO many times C:

Tiger Monday, August 27th 2007, 10:30 PM

Congrats on the archive ;D

deadmoki Monday, August 27th 2007, 10:38 PM
I always thought being a concept artist would be awesome, I just don't think I could come up with enough interesting designs. XD;

Anyway, good luck with your endeavors~! c:

SockRockets Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 1:07 AM
Congrats on the archive,it was very much desrved :)

Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 10:57 AM
*-* Oh.. I really don't know what to say. Thank you so much for the archive &lt;33

And also thank you all who said something about the concept artist thing, I knew about the risks of not getting employed if you aren't really, -really- good. But it could've been the case I didn't, which makes it really awesome you told me &lt;3

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