There are only five main rules.
All new artists must draw 2 tryout pictures to the best of their abilities. [Why?]
               Relax, don't be nervous. =}
All images must be over 10 minutes. [Why?]
               So let's watch the timer on the bottom of the drawing page to be safe, sound good?
All vents/rants must be over 30 minutes. [Why?]
               That timer is a lifesaver.
Adult images are allowed as long as they're sensible and marked XXX. (Nothing hard-core) [Why?]
Act respectful to all members and guests.
        Swearing is not allowed at this time. The only vulgar words you may use are "hell", "damn", "crap", and "ass". [Why?]
               Keep that sailor's mouth at bay.
        Refusing to follow these rules will result in a ban

Guidelines for behaving in the oekaki~
When commenting, keep it on topic of the image/artist.
If you have issues with a person, settle it through O-mail. Big arguments on the board will be deleted on the spot.
If you're ranting about a person, censor their name. Call them "someone" or "a person," and don't make it obvious who it is or an admin will delete it. Either follow this guideline or don't rant about anyone at all.
If a member is bothering you and they won't listen to calm reason, o-mail an admin about it and they'll contact each of you to try and help. If all else fails, ~*Eevee1*~ has the final word. Only o-mail ~*Eevee1*~ in an extreme emergency with another member.
If you've tried out and were rejected, please don't argue or insult anyone. Act mature.

How to be a perfect member:
Follow all the rules and read through the expanded ones.
Comment a LOT. Artists *love* comments.
If you're not an accepted member, comment anyway. =D
Be polite and respectful to all members.
Don't excessively use chatspeak/l33t.

Please refer to the FAQ if you have further questions.
Before trying out, compare between recent and archived works of SRO to get an idea of the skill level.
               Because not everything on the front page is a masterpiece.
Tryouts should always be full-body images when drawing a character and must have a background.
               We're freaks about backgrounds so please draw them in your tryouts!
Please safety save your picture if it isn't finished.
When your picture is finished, mark it as a public picture so members of the oekaki can draw redlines for you.
Put "Tryout #" (# depending on which it is) in the title area of your image when submitting.
Tryouts are not allowed to be critiqued until they are completed. [Why?]
Unaccepted members are not allowed to critique/judge any tryouts. [Why?]
Tryouts can't be uploaded. You must sketch, outline, and color your image in this oekaki. [Why?]
After you finish your tryouts, count the number of rejections and compare it against the amount of acceptions. If there are more people rejecting that accepting, you should practice in another oekaki for 2 months before trying out again. If everyone rejects your first image, we suggest you hault your tryouts and practice for 2 months elsewhere.
               Like at our sketch oekaki, SSO
If a majority of the members decide your first 2 pictures are borderline, you may draw 1 more image to sway our decision. Nobody can judge borderline on the final 1, just in or out.
If you've been accepted but are inactive for over 6 months, you have to re-tryout. [Why?]

Extra Guidelines
Please read the FAQ before asking any questions. Otherwise, o-mail ~*Eevee1*~.
If you've been accepted but are inactive for over 6 months, you have to re-tryout. (Yes this is repeated; it's important) [Why?]

Report to ~*Eevee1*~ if you ever have a problem with an admin.
If an admin is having problems with a member or another admin, settle it through o-mail. Never publicly announce problems.
If a person refuses to follow the rules, warn them in an o-mail. If it continues, warn them once more, and if that doesn't work then take away their drawing or general tags.
Only safety archive a picture if the artist is leaving for more than a month.
Check the archive guidelines below before archiving:
1. Is the anatomy well drawn with minimal flaws for the subject of the image?
2. Does the background compliment and incorporate the main focus of the image/not distract?
3. Are the lines clean with few colors bleeding over that distract too much from the picture?
4. Does it have good composition / not that cluttered?
5. Do you want to whisper sweet nothings to this piece of beauty?